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Haslingen Grane Road Residents Association Says No to Fracking

 A Presentation was made by members of Rossendale Against Fracking (RAF) and Keep East Lancashire Frack Free (KELFF) at a Public meeting convened by the Grane Road Residents Association in the Holden Arms on Tuesday 23rd August 2016.

The meeting was informed about the dangers and risks of Fracking and the likely adverse impacts on the environment and public health as well as the social well being and economic welfare of residents where Fracking is planned to take place. Over 90 minutes, there was also a wide ranging discussion with questions and answers.

At the end of the meeting, the Association called for a vote. Residents voted unanimously against any Fracking in their community and the SD 72 grid area where a Petroleum Exploration Development Licence has been awarded to the Celtique Drilling Company to exploit shale gas/coal bed methane.

They were encouraged to make their views known to their MP and Local Rossendale Borough Councillors so that the Council would debate the issue and hopefully oppose fracking in the Borough, as Pendle Borough Council has done.

Hilary Whitehead (RAF) and David Penney (KELFF)

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Mobile: 07948 203836 – David (Press Officer – KELFF)


Dated; 24th August 2016