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This site is to inform about the unconventional oil and gas industry which could be about to start with the permission of our Government, in spite of the Paris agreement regarding climate change. We have found that there is no safe fracking, as wells can leak eventually and the flow back water contains radio-activity which cannot be safely disposed of. The Government managed to get the Infrastructure Act through Parliament which will allow them to drill or bury any materials underneath our homes, which shows us that may be their intention.We don’t want to live in a gasfield as we have seen in other countries, which are less densely populated than ours and have warned us of what is to come if it is allowed.

If you care about your environment and the water you drink and use, please join us in stopping this unscrupulous industry from gaining a foothold. As told in the film ‘Voices from the Gasfields’ – it started with one well…… Voices from the Gasfields (full length)

Fracking Hell – The untold story